Upcoming Electronic Voting for Next Year's HAPTA Board of Directors!

ATTENTION MEMEBERS: Upcoming Electronic Voting for Next Year's HAPTA Board of Directors!

Voting will be open November 17-24, 2012.  HAPTA members will be able to access the link from the HAPTA listserve email to be sent out prior to election or from the HAPTA website. Please support the 1st year that members do not have to be present at the annual HAPTA Fall Conference meeting to vote! We are encouraging outer island involvement! Also, note that attendance at monthly HAPTA board meetings can be via phone if you do not live on Oahu. 
We are still accepting consent to serve applications for candidates interested in running for office. Please email Danae at: danaemeier@gmail.com with any questions or if you would like to nominate a friend. 
The following offices are up for re-election in 2012: 
     -2nd Delegate (to the House of Delegates held every year: must be avaliable June 26-29th)
     -Nominating Committee
     -Ethics Committee
*We are always looking for members to join: legistative committee and con-education committees
*Unsure of where your talents will best be put to use? Email danaemeier@gmail.com and we find a fit for you!
Click here for a listing of all the HAPTA Board positions for your reference.
*It is OUR professional responsibility to support OUR profession and OUR professional organization!* 
*PLEASE VOTE and encourage others to do the same click here for a flyer to post where you work.