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PT Role in the Opioid Crisis and Access to Rural Health Top APTA Federal Priorities

From March 31 to April 2, 300 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and physical therapy students met in Washington, DC for the 2109 APTA Federal Affairs Forum (FAF). The advocacy objectives of the FAF are set by the APTA’s Public Policy Priorities. These policies are developed every two years in conjunction with each new Congress. During…

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Bills to Update our Physical Therapy Practice Act on Hold

HB701 and SB547, our two companion bills to update the Hawaii physical therapy practice act to include dry needling, are on hold until the 2020 legislative session. The House version is currently waiting to be heard in the House Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce (CPC). Unfortunately, HB701 is not scheduled for a hearing and…

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Get Ready to Submit Testimony for HAPTA Dry Needling and Health and Wellness Bill

Legislation has been introduced on behalf of HAPTA that would allow PTs in Hawaii to use dry needling and would also specify that “promotion and maintenance of fitness, health, and quality of life in all age populations” is part of the definition of physical therapy in Hawaii. Introduced by Senator Rosalyn Baker and Representative John…

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Sample Testimony Letter HB701/SB547

Dear Chair and Committee Members: I am a physical therapist in Hawaii. I strongly support HB701/SB547 and the proposed changes to the Physical Therapy Practice Act. These changes will modernize physical therapy practice in Hawaii and will allow physical therapists to treat patients at their highest level of training and education. Prevention of disability and…

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HAPTA Proposing to Include Dry Needling within PT Scope of Practice

After years of preparation, the HAPTA Legislative Committee is moving forward with a bill to add dry needling to the Hawaii PT Practice Act. This bill will focus on three changes: removing a prohibitive practice clause that prevents the puncturing of intact skin, stating that dry needling is within PT scope of practice, and including…

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2018 Legislative Session Priority Bill Recap

The 2018 Hawaii legislative session ended earlier in May. Here’s an update about some of the priority legislation that HAPTA followed and wants to let you know about. Bills That Passed It’s now a felony to injure a healthcare worker. We have all heard stories about therapists getting kicked, punched or injured by patients. HB1906…

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Humana Still Requires Prior Authorization for Most PT in Hawaii

At the end of 2017, when we learned that Humana would no longer require prior authorization for physical therapy, we rejoiced! But we heard – and have now confirmed – that Hawaii’s Humana administrator, MDX, can and still does require prior authorization for PT (except immediately after hospitalization and surgery). Read the attached chart for…

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Priority Bills Would Advance Telehealth and More

New bills have been introduced in the 2018 Legislative session offering solutions to health care problems, including ways to combat the opioid epidemic, changes to healthcare payment systems, and paving the road to telehealth. Here is a short summary of a few bills we will keep an eye on this session. HAPTA will continue to…

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Med-QUEST Credentialing Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

LAST UPDATED:   December 6, 2017 Q:    Who needs to submit the DHS 1139 Medicaid Provider application form? A:    Individual providers with their own Medicaid provider ID number whose services are billed under that number need to fill out and submit DHS 1139 – this includes all private practitioners whether they are an owner or an…

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CORRECTED INFO: DHS Med-QUEST Needs All Providers Who Do NOT Work in a Facility/Institutional Setting to Fill Out DHS 1139

November 22, 2017  (correction of November 20, 2017 posting) –  In mid-October many (but not all) PT providers received a letter from the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services Med-QUEST division requesting completion of a re-credentialing/validation application. The letter asked that you submit this form by Oct. 30, 2017 and provided a link to complete it…

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