Medicare CAC highlights

Possible contractor change: Palmetto to Noridean.  Presently this is disputed.  Contract award by end of this month with start date of July 1, 2013. Palmetto will administer until then and if they win, business as usual and if not, HI will change back to Noridean as of July.

- Medicare fee schedule will be officially posted no later than 1/21/2013. Possibly slight delay in claim processing for January. 14 day to 21 days.

- 2013 Part B deductible increased by $7 to $147.00.
- 2013 CPT changes: 447 new CPT, 9 new modifiers,617 changes to descriptions, 227 deleted CPTs  (need to get new book).
- MPPR:  see earlier APTA overview.  Starts 4/1/2013.
- Functional Codes: see earlier APTA overview.
- 2013 cap $1,900 (PT,ST combined).