NAIOMT Course Offerings for 2013

It is with pleasure that I announce the North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy(NAIOMT) course offerings in Hawaii for 2013.  A full cycle(Levels I – III, Advanced Clinical Reasoning, Thoracic Spine, and Advanced Technique Review) which started on June 8, 2007 has been completed.  The next cycle has begun in 2012 and all physical therapists are eligible to enroll in the 2013 courses outlined in the attachment.  The three courses are the Level II Lumbopelvic-Hip, Level II Knee-Ankle-Foot, and Level IV Advanced Techniques-Manipulation.  This will mark the first time the Level IV Manipulation course is being taught in Hawaii.     Distinguished Faculty member and one of the Founders of NAIOMT, Mr. Erl Pettman, PT, MCSP, MCPA, FCAMT will be the Master Instructor for all courses.  Mr. Pettman is the author of ‘Manipulative Thrust Techniques, An evidence-based approach”, a comprehensive text on manipulative therapy.  For more information on the courses, please visit or download our Brochure.


Thank you,
Art Lum
PT  Lifelong Learning, LLC.